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The Color-aid® paper series was developed in 1948 as a system of organizing color for professional photographers. This book consists of 220 of these cards that Julia mailed to Anne Marie through the United States Postal Service between 2014-2019. The cards are enclosed within Mylar Sleeves, and bound into an accordion structure that may be open or closed. The ongoing act of painting and mailing each card is an attempt to expand on this generic color system, allowing it to “map us," as we’ve moved between cities over five years.



Mixed media on Color-aid® cards with USPS markings;

enclosed in Mylar sleeves and bound

Dimensions variable; each card, 4.5” x 6”

Above: Colorsend in both closed and forms, as it was used in a performative reading.

Right: Scans of the front side of each card; click to enlarge.

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